Twagger Band CD “Sound the Bugle Blow the Horn”

Shirley Collins says “I thoroughly enjoyed Sound the Bugle. What an accomplished band!  I’m full of admiration.  A lovely selection of material, too, and the production is brilliant – I love the witty (and nostalgic) cover.  You should be proud!”

Featured on The Mike Harding Folk Show #195   “absolutely wonderful sound”.

Track Listing:
1. Not for Joe / Untitled Polka
2. Noble Squire Dacre / Biddlestone Hornpipe
3. Midnight on the Water / The Ookpik Waltz  (hear the full track)

4. Floating from Skerry / Road to Lisdoonvarna
5. The Hungry Army / King of the Cannibal Islands
6. Bodmin Riding / The Tale of the Guinea Pig / Peacock’s March
7. Hunter’s Hill / C.M. Hall
8. Little Old Sod Shanty / Kelso Accordion and Fiddle Club / Miss Linda MacFarlane
9. Farewell to Whisky / The Old Drove Road
10. Da Slockit Light / A Fling
11. Come Boat Me O’er to Charlie
12. Oyster Wife’s Rant / Cuckold come out of the Amrey (hear clip)

13. A Gay Caballero
14. The Steam-Boat / The Winter’s Night Schottische (hear clip)

£10 online or available at Twagger Band gigs for only £8.
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