Will Duke

Will is one of the best traditional singers and exponents of the Anglo concertina.  He has played in several bands, including Pump and Pluck, the Etchingham Steam Band and the Albion Dance Band.  He has recorded a solo CD, ‘Out of the Box’.

Joy and Derrick play as a duo in and around the Sussex and Kent area, performing for a variety of groups, societies and clubs.  Their instruments include Northumbrian smallpipes, hammer dulcimer, Celtic harp, bowed psaltery, whistle, recorder, serpent and guitar.  They are also members of the Knots of May Morris side, Joy as a dancer and Derrick as the band’s serpent player.  They have produced two CDs: Bring us in no Brown Bread, and A Charming Dish of Fish.
See: www.joydeckmusic.co.uk/

Ian Chisholm

Ian plays guitar, bouzouki and mandolin.  On a bad day he can even be found playing the banjo.  He is also a member of the Unreel Ceilidh Band. As well as playing he makes guitars mandolins and similar instruments.  See: ianchisholm.co.uk

Sue Evans

A talented multi-instrumentalist, Sue plays piano, hammer dulcimer, concertina, guitar and hurdy gurdy. Based in Rotherfield, she is closely involved in local music projects and leads singing sessions with senior citizens. She has been a member of Triur Ban and Wompsters and currently plays in the Pugwash ceilidh band.